Consumer Units in Derbyshire

There are many reasons why you may need to change the fuse box in your home but mostly because they are now generally old and need to be updated.
They also now need to be RCD (Residual Current Device) Protected, which your old one most likely is not. An RCD protects you from serious electrical shocks.

Whatever your reason to upgrade our friendly and professional approved panel of electricians would love to help. With prices for new consumer units in Derbyshire from just £450 there are cost effective options for complete peace of mind.

consumer unit upgrades in derbyshire

How long does a consumer unit upgrade take?

Typically, from start to finish, changing an old fuse box to a nice new consumer unit in Derbyshire will take around approximately 5 hours. Every fuse box change is different and so the best way is to just allocate a block of your time when it’s convenient for you.

Certification of work

When you have finished upgrading your old tired fuse box for a nice shiny new consumer unit, your chosen electrician will have tested all the circuits and inspected the installation, and on completion you will get the following documents plus notification.

Electrical Installation Certificate
Schedule of Inspections
Schedule of test results
Receipt / Invoice
Building Control Notification


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